The Siberian Cat is the national cat of Russia. It is an aboriginal breed with unknown origin. This natural breed has existed there for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There is documented history of Siberian as early as the year 1000. It is a cat from which many fairy tales have been derived.

The Siberian cat is an ancient medium-long haired breed believed to be the ancestor from which all modern day long-haired cats have evolved. After living in the cold Russian climate for many generations, over time it has developed a hardy constitution. In order to survive harsh conditions it developed a dense triple fur coat that is water resistant. Siberians are not true shedders, nor does their fur mat easily. 

Siberians are a muscular cat that like high places and are powerful leapers. Having a sharp wit along with their robust athletic bodies enable them to be good hunters. Their natural beauty, gentle nature and being excellent mousers helped them to become popular in Russia. People would take their Siberian Cats with them when they moved.
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Characteristics of Siberians
Siberian cats have a gentle, loving nature and well rounded personality. They adore children, readily accept the other household pets, and get along great with the whole family. This gives them the ability to blend in and adapt to almost any family situation.

Siberians have a dog-like devotion and personality. They are often referred to as "the cat for dog people". Siberians enjoy being with their human companions.  It is not in their nature to be a standoffish with their families and often come when called, follow the household members around, and greet guests.

Siberians are a slow to develop breed which takes up to five years to reach maturity. They have a very hardy constitution with no known genetic defects. They like high places and are powerful leapers. They can be easily trained to do simple tricks such as how to stay off tables, off counters, play fetch, and walk on a leash.

In order to survive harsh conditions of the Siberian Taiga, they developed a triple fur coat that is water resistant. Siberians are not true shedders and their fur does not mat easily. Because they don't readily shed, they will drop their coats twice yearly at the season change. They do not require extensive grooming, an occasional brushing is sufficient.