Hi Troy,
Well, our Stoli is very much at home now.  Patrick and I are completely in love with him; he has us wrapped around his little paw!  He is sleeping with me at night and is sleeping in his tree house during the day!  Yay, I'm so glad he is using it!  I have attached a couple of pictures of him.  You were right, he loves to look through the railings upstairs!

Here is Monty, comfortably napping on my lap.  It's only been
a week since he moved in with us, but he has completely
adjusted and is so sweet. I can't seem to capture his beauty in
pictures but he is truly gorgeous and so soft!  (I'll send another
picture when I get a good one).  His new veterinarian was
impressed by how impeccably clean and healthy he is.  He 
loves to play with the kids after school and comes running to
greet them now.  We can't imagine life without him. 
Thank you so much!

Hi Troy,
We just wanted to give you a quick update on Miss Elizabeth. (She is
from Zara's litter) Miss Liz is the sweetest cat we've ever met. She is
so loyal. It feels more like we have a dog. She wants to be with us every
second of the day and she loves traveling. She's so good in the car! We
just took her to meet Santa Claus this weekend. 
Thank you for such a wonderful kitten. She is our spoiled baby.
--Sean and Emily

All is very good here.  Kiska's remains the cutest little kitten and has been a great addition to our family.  She's growing fast.  She seems very happy, has adjusted very well, and I think we have too.  She's really been a lot of fun.  Bella hasn't had any reactions like she usually would around cats. Kiska loves cuddling at the foot of our bed each night.
PS - Bella wanted me to tell you she loves Kiska so much that she wishes Kiska had a boyfriend to marry so she could have kittens some day, but only like seven, ....not a hundred.

Hi Troy,
I can't believe Sophia is almost 1 year old! Time has really flown by but it's hard to remember what life was like before Sophia! She is from Chimislava's liter last February and has been such a joy to have. I never thought I would be able to have a cat with my allergies. But with Sophia, I have no reaction at all (which is surprising since she follows me everywhere and sleeps with me every night). Sophia has such a wonderful personality and temperament! She is very friendly and often is the first one at the door to greet guests. She is a great traveler too. She does really well in the car and makes herself at home anywhere we go. We can't thank you enough and hope you enjoy the attached pictures of Sophia!

JoVanna and Patrick
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Just took these photos of Monty (he is 4 mos. now).  He is the love of our lives!

As you can see below he has gotten used to the dogs, and they him.  My 120 chocolate lab plays with him for hours.  It's hard to believe that they adjusted so quickly.  He also has a fascination with the tv remote.

He is still my dream cat. Extremely affectionate, funny, smart, and extremely adaptable.  He is taking to toilet training like a duck to water, and he catches on to everything very quickly.  

Let me know if you ever need to have someone talk to a perspective customer.  I am so happy with my entire experience and will give you a rave review.

Joan and Smokey
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Hi Troy,
I thought I’d send you a few pictures to show you what a big boy Squeaky is becoming and to let you know he’s doing fine.  He follows us everywhere we go in the house (he tries his best to beat us there) and seems really happy with all the attention he gets.  He never lets us out of his sight if he can help it. He’s a sweet boy. 
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I am writing to you to give you an update on Fedora and Leonid.  They are now almost 2 years old and have added so much happiness to our family. You may remember that we have 4 daughters and these kitties are very much loved.  The kitties are a central part of our family and participate in every aspect of our life at home.  They are exceptionally social and loving.  Leo is much bigger and more laid back.  Dori is more petite and definitely a princess. They are healthy and happy.
I have attached some pictures for you.
Joel, Julie, Rachel, Leah, Annie, and Nina
PS Their brother Max lives across the street and we get to see him often.  He is also a very sweet cat and has a demeanor similar to Leo.
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I thought you would enjoy some pictures of our babies! :) Max and Zoya are doing great. They are getting huge! They have been a blast and we love having them. Thanks!

Thought we'd send a couple pictures since Nika is now a year old!!!  Time has sure gone quick this year with her here.  We don't know what we'd do without her now.  She's so much fun. 
 Susan, Andy & Cameron

Hi Troy,
We are loving Chesi to pieces!  She is already so spoiled!!!  We me being a telecommuter working from home, she is never alone and someone is always cuddling her, so she doesn't get much sleep!!  She sleeps well through the night though!  She is very fiesty and playful.  Jes is not having any allergy problems with her either.  We are so thrilled.  
Take Care!

Hey Troy,
I just wanted to say thank you again.  Bella is beautiful and happy... I am so excited to have her.  She is adjusting like she has always been here. Sleeping a few hours then playing a few hours... She seems happy.  I have been going picture crazy and attached 2 for you.  I'll keep you posted on her... As I couldn't imagine how it feels to be so close to so many kittens and have to let them go.
Thanks again.

Hi Troy,
Just thought I let you know that Chesi is doing great!  No allergies for Jes.  We love her to pieces.  She has the greatest little personality.  She has been taking turns sleeping with each of us at night because everyone wants to sleep with her.  She is such a joy!  The picture is her napping on my desk while I work from home.

Hi Troy,
I just wanted to send you a quick week one update.  Sven is doing wonderful.  He spent maybe 10 minutes under the couch when we first brought him in, but after that, he was fine.  He's incredibly social and playful, follows us around the house, and is wonderful with all people, even complete strangers.  Steve and I were shocked at how quickly he adjusted, and at how social he is.  I just wanted to say thank you again, because we both know that while Sven's great personality is in part due to the individual cat, a big part of it is the fact that you bring these kittens up in such a wonderful environment.  You've made it possible for us to be proud and happy parents of an incredible cat.  This is something that I never thought I would be able to do.  I can't tell you how happy it makes us.
 We love Sven so much, and are so grateful to you and your family. Thank you! 
 Very best,
 Stephanie, Steve, and Sven

Hi Troy,
Just though I would pop you some pictures. She is such a joy and so very loved!  
She is growing so fast!  All her vet checks have been great, her
immunizations are up to date, we had her tested for feline leukemia, etc to be on the safe side and of course all was negative.  Absolutely ZERO allergic reactions to her from my husband.  She truly is hypoallergenic.  We are so grateful!!!
Thank you again.  We adore her!
Hope all is well!

Hi Troy,
 This is Tiara at one year old.  She is from Chime and Bo's first liter. She has such a nice personality and we are enjoying her so much!  Our vet says she one of the prettiest cats he has ever seen.
 Tom and Kelly

Dear Troy
The kitten is adjusting well and growing into a great cat addition to our family.  He is stronger every day and plays hard and sleeps like a baby kitten should.  He seeks me out and I am investing lots of time in bonding and building trust.  Everyone loves him and he is a beauty.  Thanks again for breeding such wonderful kittens.  He's just what I wanted.

Alekzander is doing wonderful!  He has adjusted to our home and our other Siberian with ease.  He is a cuddly little guy!